About Us

byKOBY is a shop collecting the finest treasures from all over the world. From exclusive collection of bags, clutches, vintage army jackets, jewelry, accessories &more. Always looking for unique, exclusive labels and items that are handmade, really qualitative products that enriches your live and yourself. 

byKOBY is founded by myself, Michèle Hartevelt. I am always looking for special items and outfits, styling lots of close friends and family all my live, so now I thought it was time to start expose my taste & style to the world to enjoy and of course make it your own. Unique items found all over the world but also great stuff I made myself...

One of my recent found unique labels is CheyenneAttitude61; a special Italian woman, biker, who …. vintage army jackets, leather jackets, vintage jeans as well as hand painted scarfs. All done by herself in Milan. A very special creative person.

Another one is LaksbyLisa, an exclusive collection of accessories in organic salmon leather. The products are designed solely by Lisa Pindel, an accessories designer based in Oslo, Norway. They are manufactured in Germany with craftmanship and thoroughness, because they are built to last. 

Due to the fact that we only sell unique, handmade products we don´t have a big number in stock. And we really want to keep it unique! So it can happen that your selected item isn´t available at the moment, but then we will look into the possibilities and try to deliver it in a short time. We will inform you by return email what the delivery time will be! 

New unique items will follow soon, really great handcrafts. We are working on it!

So shop till you drop! Keep in touch!